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Guess who just got into Duke with a 70% tuition scholarship? That's me. Yay.

School starts on August 1. Orientation starts on July 20. July 6 is the first anniversary of my grandfather's passing and I want to spend it with my family. So I'm aiming to arrive at school on July 9.

I have a long to-do list before then.
- June 3, I'm taking my CFA level 2 exam. I should be studying for it like crazy now.
- June 14, I'm taking my driver's test in Hanoi. I won't start studying for the paper portion until after my CFA exam.
- I have to book a plane ticket.
- But I won't do that until I have a visa interview set up. I sent the paperwork to Duke to process 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard from them. So it's conceivable my visa won't be ready by July 9.
- I have to turn in my immunization record at some point. I'm going to put that off until after my CFA exam though.
- I have to turn in paperwork for my educational loan. That will likewise be put off until after the CFA exam.
- I have to go into the office today, though, to print and scan a form to get my email account for Duke. This is, like, the nth time I've had to print/scan something, with n approaching infinity.
- I have to go for an eye exam. I have a lazy right eye. It has not bothered me since vision in my left eye is still perfect. But now is as good a time as any to go have it checked out.
- I have to go to the tailor and make custom school-and-interview-appropriate clothes. I'm 4'7'' and guaranteed to never find ready-made clothes that fit. So anything I might need, clothes-wise, I need to get in Vietnam before I leave.
- I want to travel more in Vietnam, especially in the northwest. I live in Hochiminh City and never had that many vacation days. I'm ashamed to say I'm not as well-traveled in Vietnam as some random foreigners I've met. If I don't do it now, it might be a long time before there's another opportunity.
- I have to rent out my apartment. I would love to put it off after the CFA, but no such luck. There just won't be enough time.

Work is all wrapped up so not many things to do there. I've also just spent 10 days at the beach with my boyfriend's family, so I'm tanned and rested. I'm sure I'm forgetting something though.

I've always regretted not working hard enough at Mount Holyoke, especially towards the end. And living in Vietnam, I've always missed having easy access to lots of books and smart people to talk to. So I am excited about going back to school.

But at the same time, I am a little apprehensive about leaving my company, my family, my friends behind, putting off having children. I hope it will be worth it.
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I finally finished the applications for Chicago and Duke after two nights of no sleep. Applications were finally at 4am, just before I had to head to the airport to fly to Hanoi. My company is cutting cost by putting us on early morning flights. So not looking forward to client meetings right now.
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Has anyone seen Mount Holyoke's tuition & fees for next year? :-(
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Oh gee. I was just going to tell someone that I did have teachers in high school who were not illiterate.


And yes, we are a school in the heart of the nation's capitol.

Oh, gee.

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When shall I see a Taiwanese (non-period) TV series without a gay guy in it? :-(
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"You know that the world is there to cheat you, right? It demands you to chase after the least important stuff."
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My sister in Vietnam wants an ipod for her birthday. So I ordered one, and according to Fedex tracking, it's being shipped to me in South Hadley from Shanghai.
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I miss Victor already. :-(

Victor: Hungarian is useless. What would you use it for?
Me: Picking up girls in bars?
Victor: You obviously haven't practiced picking up girls in bars lately.

Victor: Don't open it. Wine in bottles is sometimes bad, but wine in boxes is always bad.
Me: But I don't know what else to do with it. Let's just try.
Victor: OK. But I warned you.
Me: [Trying the burgundy] It's like juice that's been left out too long. I'm already tipsy.
Victor: Already poisoned, you mean?
Me: Oh, well, I got it from my neighbor.
Victor: People around here obviously do not like you.
Me: If I have to order stuff for your wedding, I'll know exactly which boxed wine to get.

Me: How tall are you?
Victor: 5'10
Me: Only?
Victor: Sorry to disappoint. My goal is to grow bigger. How tall are you?
Me: 4'7
Victor: See? I'm not saying, "only."

Victor: Every time I talk to you, every four or five sentences, there's a word that I don't understand. Your English is, well, your English.
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